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Financial Cost implication of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) Resurgence in Oyo State

         A. A. Omowon*, I. O. Olatoye**, T. Olubade***

*Department of Animal Health Technology, Faculty of Animal Health and Production Technology, Oyo state College of Agriculture and technology, Igboora, Oyo state, Nigeria
**Department of Veterinary Public health and Preventive Medicine, University of Ibadan, Nigeria
*** National Veterinary Research Institute Laboratory, Lagos, Nigeria

  Accepted: 8 October, 2016

Highly pathogenic avian influenza H1N1 (HPAI) is a devastating disease of poultry; it is associated with a high death rate and disrupts poultry production and trade. Oyo state experienced previous outbreaks of HPAI before the biocontainment in 2006/2007 where 200,000 chickens died and over 100,000 were depopulated. Resurgence of Avian Influenza was confirmed by the Oyo State Avian Influenza Desk Officer as at February 2015. This study analysed previous methods of assessing losses due to avian influenza, and used a revised economic model to calculate costs associated with the avian influenza resurgence in Oyo State. The evaluation used epidemiological data, production figures and other input parameters to deter¬mine the final costs.The infection caused a loss of 200,272,800 Naira ($910,330.91) in Oyo State.
This study urges government to develop an Avian Influenza emergency preparedness system coupled with a rapid response initiative, which must be tested regularly to forestall a future resurgence bearing in mind the huge economic losses associated with the disease.
The productive longevity and the unrealised worth of the laying birds must be consid¬ered in embarking on a broad- based cost appraisal of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza. Finally, an inter-disciplinary approach is deemed necessary to provide a good framework for efficient disease control decision making ¬when tackling Avian Influenza.

Key words: Avian Influenza, Oyo State, Poultry, Resurgence, Financial Impact.