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Omar1 M.H. , Simai,1B.O. Hassan1N,K., Ally1N,K., Said A.H. Vuai2

1Research Unit, Zanzibar Food and Drugs Board P.O.BOX 3595, Tel. +255777491223 Zanzibar.
2Department of Chemistry, College of Natural and Mathematical Sciences, University of Dodoma P.O.BOX 259,Tel. +2552631000, Dodoma-Tanzania.

Accepted: 8 December, 2018

Iodine is an essential element in the production of thyroid hormones which acts primarily in muscle, heart, liver, kidney and brain. Its deficiency is of public-health importance in Zanzibar. Salt iodization to prevent iodine deficiency is a major global public health achievement. The efficacy of salt-iodization programs rely on the improvement of stability and conservation of iodine level in iodized salts along of the supply-chain.
The overall objective of the study was to asses post production loss of iodine in iodized salts from market and house. A cross-sectional study was conducted during July to September 2017. Total 75 salt samples from households (37) and markets (38) were collected and analyzed for iodine level. Twelve samples from markets and 13 samples from households were exposed to the sunlight to assess its influence on iodine loss. Iodiometric titration was used to quantify level of iodine in the samples. The samples having adequate level of iodine were 30%, 36.8% and 24% for households, markets and sunlight exposed salts respectively. The proportion of inadequate level of iodine was 56%, 50% and 79% respectively for households, markets salts and after sun light exposed. The proportion of excess levels of iodine was 14% and 13% for household and market salts samples. The decreasing of iodine level was highly observed in households’ salts compare to market salt samples which is attributed to poor storage practices at house hold level. Temperature has greater influence of loose of iodine in salts. Monitoring and evaluation system needs to be established to ensure adequate supply of iodine along the distribution chain. Special attention is needed for the salt retailers and consumer hence knowledge and awareness is necessary regarding proper storage and handling of iodized salt thereby to mitigate the situation in study area.

Key words: Post-production, Looses, Iodine, Iodized salt, Zanzibar.